Non Profit Communication Infographic

I love a good Infographic. I saw this on Charity Digital News and just had to share it.

Check out this infographic which highlights the key findings of Nonprofit Marketing Guide’s 2014 Nonprofit Communications Report, which surveyed over 2,100 nonprofit professionals.

The eyebrow raising highlights for me were 31% of professionals do not have time to create a clear communications strategy even though the #1 communications goal is to acquire new donors. Reminds me of a quote by Ben Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

I also loved seeing that the Executive Directors think In-person communication is the #1 effective vehicle for communication. In our experience, at Griffin Fundraising and Marketing, non profits who take the time to communicate their needs to interested donors face to face are the most effective in raising funds during a capital or major gifts campaign.

Lastly, I wish more non profits would experiment with LinkedIn. I happen to think that social media site has loads of potential, especially for the Development Officer within Non Profits. It’s a great way to connect with donors, research potential new donors and corporations.

What do you think? Do these numbers mirror your non-profits communication goals and challenges? Or is this a bunch of bologna?