About Us

Our Mission:
Advance the mission of our clients through ethical and value based consulting.

To empower our clients; leaving them stronger than ever.

Griffin Fundraising and Marketing is a full time, full service consulting firm that supports the development of your vision and strategic plan. Whether it be long term planning, capital/annual campaigns or sponsorship development; we plug into your organization to deliver on your goals. GF&M has a tradition of using a tailored approach to consulting to address the specific needs of each individual client.

Established 1992, GF&M is a privately held consulting firm focusing mainly on regional campaigns until the early 2000’s. At that time the firm transitioned into a family business adding a second generation of fundraisers. Sponsorship development services became an integral part of the firm’s base at this time as well. Today the firm is a full service fundraising and marketing firm specializing in campaigns and sponsorship development.

Griffin Fundraising & Marketing offers consulting and management services in a variety of areas.

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