Thoughtful Volunteer Gifts

Halloween is over. We all know what that means. The Holiday Season has begun. It’s the busiest time of year with shopping, baking, cooking, family and friend events, work functions and a great time to show appreciation towards your volunteers and staff.

Does your non-profit exchange gifts at the office? Maybe your board wants to chip in for an end of the board term gift for the chair. Or perhaps you are wondering how to show your appreciation to your donor and volunteer base with almost no budget to do it. This post will at least spark some good ideas that fit your organization, staff and Board of Directors.

Four ‘Thank You Bunches’ Gift Ideas

The Sweetie Tooth
Have a few chocolate lover volunteers? Show them that you care during the holidays with A 100 Grand candy bar and attach a note that says, ‘Volunteers are Priceless”.  Another idea is to use gold wrapped chocolate coins can be pared with a note that reads, “Volunteers are worth their weight in gold.” Gourmet Mints are also a nice touch with a note that says, “Your service is worth a mint to us!”

Want to take it up a notch? Go gourmet and local! Find a local sweet shop that hand makes these yummy thank yous. The Cellar Door Chocolates fits that bill in Louisville Ky.

Green Thumbs Up
Maybe your organization is all about our environment. Keeping it green and clean is part of your mission. So celebrate that vision with a mum or poinsettia with a card saying, “We grow stronger every day you are with us.” A painted clay pot with a set of gardening gloves and a card that says, “Thanks for getting your hands dirty with us this year.”

Take it up a notch by drawing your mission on the side or attaching a picture of the board to the clay pot. If your non-profit serves children perhaps they could help with the project.

Success Stories
Want to remind your Board of Directors and staff what has been accomplished this year? With just a minimal budget and Internet access you create a Year in Review memory book. Is there one picture that sums up the major accomplishment this year? Get it printed on a canvas as wall art.  Canvas On Demand and Shutterfly are my two favorites for this type of project.

Personalize it
Was there a running theme for this year’s Board of Directors at your organization? CafePress, a local to Louisville business, lets you personalize pretty much anything you can think of with almost anything.

Do you have other ideas for holidays gifts this season? Leave a comment to share your ideas

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